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Digi-Craft Training Programme

Digi-Craft Training Programme is a comprehensive content designed to enhance the digital skills of craftspeople.

Video Tutorials

The platform will include tutorial videos prepared by the project partners with project participant craftspeople.

Creative Community Platform

Creative Community Platform will be a training and meeting point for craftspeople and designers.


The main activities of our project will be carried out in Belgium, France and Portugal. In general, the following activities will be carried out in these countries.

Project management meetings

Local and international training, workshop, co-creation activities

Research activities

Meetings to generate ideas with representatives of the creative industries

Innovation transfer activities

International sector meetings, summit

Dissemination activities

One of the most important activities and results of the project will be the Co-Creation activity and the Exhibition to be held in Lisbon, Portugal under the coordination of the Portuguese partner Fermenta and the Digi-Craft Conference to be held at the end of the project by the Project Coordinator European Development Institute in Brussels, Belgium.


The Co-Creation Activity that includes both craftspeople and contemporary designers. Fermenta will organize a 5-day co-creation mobility activity with participation of 16 craftspeople and designers. From each partner country 2 craftspeople and 2 designers will attend to the mobility activity.


The logic behind the co-creation activity is learning by doing and transferring knowledge and skills by doing together. The craftspeople and designers will start to co-create traditional crafts by using a hand-made process combined with digital technologies.


After the mobility activity, craftspeople and designers will continue their co-creation work in their countries and toward the end of the project, a big Exhibition event will be organized by Ferment in Lisbon to exhibit the co-created crafts.


Project Coordinator European Development Institute will host the international Digi-Craft Conference with the participation of at least 100 representatives in Brussels, Belgium at the end of the project to disseminate the project and its results, showcase the outputs produced by the consortium with the contribution of all partners, stakeholders, participating craftspeople and designers.