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About Project

Digi-Craft – Reviving Handicraft Through Digital Technologies project is a 20-month project co-funded by the European Union under the Creative Europe Programme.

The project aims to revive and preserve traditional handicrafts in Europe and transfer the traditional skills on to new generations by improving the digital skills of craftspeople. The project will also enhance the collaboration and knowledge exchange between traditional craftspeople and contemporary designers. Project is implemented under the Coordination of European Development Institute – EDI from Belgium. The project consortium consists of 4 institutions including the Coordinator. These are;

New technologies and digital communication are transforming societies, changing lifestyles, consumption patterns and traditional crafts.

Traditional handicrafts and craftspeople also faced extinction when they could not keep up with the change brought by the digital age. Reviving the forgotten traditional crafts will begin with their adaptation to the digital world. This includes acquiring digital skills such as digital design, digital sales, and marketing. At the same time, it will be possible by craftspeople to transfer traditional skills, techniques, and all other elements to the new generation. In this way, both traditional and contemporary creative communities will come together to exchange knowledge and experience, and their digital skill capacities will be developed through trainings. Digi-Craft project also aims to contribute to specific objectives determined in relation to the priorities of the Program are as follows;

To engage craftspeople with digital technologies in their hand making, marketing and sales process

To improve digital skills of craftspeople

To preserve traditional craft skills with preparing video tutorials

To develop training programmes about using digital technologies in handicrafts

To transfer knowledge and exchange practices between craftspeople and contemporary designers

To promote traditional crafts with awareness raising local workshops and seminars, and an international conference and exhibition

The achievement of specific objectives will be accomplished with the following outcomes;

Digi-Craft Training Progamme

Video Tutorials

Creative Community Platform