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Digi-Craft – Reviving Handicraft Through Digital Technologies project consortium consists of 4 partners from 3 different countries. The project consortium consists of four partners from Belgium, France, and Portugal. The project partners consist of 1 co-creation centre, two associations and one social enterprise operating in the cultural and creative sectors. All partners represent creative communities from different fields.


Project is implemented under the Coordination of European Development Institute – EDI from Belgium.

European Development Institute VZW
(Brussels, Belgium)

EDI is a Brussels-based organization who has been involved in various projects with different institutions across the EU. EDI operates in the centre of the EU, specializing in Culture & Creative Industries (CCI) and sustainable development.

iDrops VZW
(Gent, Belgium)

iDrops is a social innovation agency. It creates innovative solutions for the social and cultural challenges. The iDrops methodology is based on Human-Cantered Design. They work with many designers and artists from various fields.

(Lisbon, Portugal)

Fermenta; is a non-profit organization, created by a multidisciplinary team with the aim of promoting social and cultural development through responsible design. Fermenta is an experienced partner with working with traditional crafts people and organising exhibitions.

Les Créatives de Demain
(Nice, France)

Les Créatives de Demains is a non-governmental organization established in Nice, is specialised in cultural and creative studies. The main activities are organising incubation programs, local/national and international hackathons, entrepreneur meetings and international entrepreneurship projects to support new entrepreneurs in the field of entrepreneurship.


With the support of the European Creative Hubs Network and the European Development Network, we will deliver the results of the project to more than 25 countries in the European Union and neighboring countries through the dissemination and transfer of innovation activities. We will transfer the results and outputs of the project to the institutions involved in these networks. We will provide mentoring to institutions that want to carry out all or some parts of the project in their own cities, and support cooperation with instructors, facilitators, project managers and transnational institutions.