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Creative Community Platform

Creative Community Platform will be an online platform which will be a training and meeting point for craftspeople and designers will provide a virtual catalog where craftspeople and designers can promote their creations. The platform will facilitate the transmission of knowledge and provide professional development opportunities for craftspeople and designers. Les Creatives de Demain from France is responsible for creating the Digi-Craft Platform as well as the Creative Community Platform and developing the software, fine-tuning and maintaining of the Platform. The other partners will actively contribute in identifying the tools, contents, functions and framework of the platform.

The Platform will also be a place for constant learning and sharing for craftspeople and digital designers. It will enable 2 target groups to directly interact and transfer knowledge and establish new connections. The Platform will provide networking opportunities to craftspeople and designers.

The Platform will list a virtual catalog for craftspeople and designers, it will also provide a free and open access training program produced within the project, called ‘Digi-Craft Training Program’. It will also publish the results of the Digi-Craft Needs Assessment Survey and provide insight for craftspeople and designers. It will provide links, news and opportunities for other helpful projects, trainings, online platforms, tools, etc. for both craftspeople and designers.