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Digi-Craft Kick-Off Meeting In Brussels!

The Digi-Craft project’s kick-off meeting was held in Belgium, Brussels with the participation of all partners!

Digi-Craft – Reviving Handicraft Through Digital Technologies project is a 20-month project co-funded by the European Union under the Creative Europe Programme. During the meeting, partners have set the groundwork for this exciting project and expressed their excitement and motivation for our project.


As the Digi-Craft project consortium, we invite you to stay tuned and follow our project for many innovative and new outputs to be produced within the scope of our project.

Digi-Craft project will produce 3 main results under the scope of the project which will be the;


  • Digi-Craft Training Program
  • Video Tutorials
  • Creative Community Platform


As well as the needs assessment survey for craftspeople, local workshops for both craftspeople and designers, local dissemination activities, co-creation activity, an international exhibition, an international conference and many more!